Your ADHD Art

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  • Doodle Dance art by Pip Ralph
    Dancing Doodle
    A piece I made while in a state of flow, or hyper-focus, capturing my essence of mind during a hyperactive spell.

    Pip Ralph

  • Think outside the box
    Think Outside the Box
    When measured up to Neurotypical standards, the beauty that exists outside the box for many with ADHD can sometimes be missed and underappreciated.

    Diana Moquin (OceanVenti)

  • To DOs for ADHD
    To Do
    I try to put my life into words… An empty attempt to organize my thoughts and daily Todos.
    This is that

    Michelle A Passey

  • Pen doodle in watercolor tray
    Pen doodle in a watercolor tray
    I made this at school because bored, mild vandalism. It symbolizes the overwhelming responsibilities of life clouding around me while I’m tranquil.


  • Embrace your gifts!!
    I have lived with ADHD my whole life. It has presented some challenges, but I made it through. Love and embrace the gifts that ADHD has given you!!
  • Looking Up
    Looking up
    This is an acrylic painting of mine. Painting is something I discovered as an adult. I never knew I could do it. Its the greatest escape I know of.


  • My escaping thoughts
    My Escaping thoughts
    I made this collage trying to represent how I always feel like my thoughts are escaping of my head, also feeling súper héroe with my diagnosis.

    Evelyn Cohen

  • dancing thru adhd
    Dancing through ADHD
    This photo is about persistence, strength and becoming confidant with myself, regardless of any obstacles I have with ADHD.

    Gianna @gia5678_dancer

  • adhd awareness brain
    The Struggle is Real
    I created this awareness logo in an attempt to showcase a little bit of what having ADHD feels like.


  • Beauty of the Deep
    Hi painting and drawing are the things that I love to do and I express myself through art. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 5 years and 7 mos.

    Ram Antonio Rubinos

  • One of my many ADHD super powers
    My adhd gives me spiderman powers.😊🕸

    JPs super powers

  • ADHD is a gift!!
    It took a while to understand that my adhd was a gift. We have great qualities like creativity & enthusiasm. ADHD is a gift that makes us special.


  • ADHTree
    My trees grew out of high school boredom and blossomed into art, one tiny dot at a time. Harnessing my extra energy, I created something beautiful.

    Beth Prieto

  • Please get to know the difference
    Please get to know the difference between neurological driven behaviour and naughty behaviour.

    Lou Brown

  • Head In The Clouds
    I took this virtual portrait in Second Life and edited it in Photoshop. I wanted to express the brain fog I feel with ADHD. Signed with my Avatar name

    Maddie Diker

  • Flow, Meditate, Find Inner Peace
    This is a form of meditative practice that I and my clients explore in our sessions on well-being


    ADHD and Me
    This photo was a way of displaying ADHD and how my mind works. Made with Lego.

    Petra Leary

  • Beautifully Broken with Painful Purpose

    Tina Y Washington

  • ADHD and other “Gifts”
    This is a relief carving out of Linoleum. Then, I make a limited number of hand printed copies. I am a printmaker and I have ADHD.

    Nadiyah Najah Rodgers

  • Katie’s Kaleidoscope Tinted World
    My image hopefully portrays my ADHD busy brain. This is a reflection of how many thoughts my head is full of and how hard it is to pick one out to concrete one on at a time.


  • Working with what I was given.
    I am a nurse with ADHD. Bed side nursing didn’t work for my brain. I still had a passion to help others so I built this float using PILL BOTTLES. Work with what you were given

    Dawn Mango

  • The human brain “my brain mom”
    This is a picture my 10yr old daughter drew over the weekend. She handed it to me and said “Mom, this is how my brain works”! She has an absolutely beautiful mind!


  • ADHD Is my StrengthThroughout my life I have viewed ADHD as my strength in life. So I got the awareness ribbon on my bicep to symbolize that.

    Zak Zippert

  • A glimpse inside
    Ive been dealing with ADHD for my entire life. Many people dont understand it or make light of it. This is “A Glimpse inside my mind”. Chaos, frustration & Beauty


  • The experience of ADHD in the classroom
    What the student hears from well-meaning educators and parents, what the student manages internally, all while sitting in math class. ADHD is not a problem of intelligence.

    Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP

  • Hyper-Focus
    This snapshot was taken at my client’s office. Just when he went to washroom, i found myself bored. While looking around I observed this & I grabbed the opportunity to click

    Mp Mitra

  • ADHD Is my Strength
    Developed for my Facebook page – An empath living with ADD, OCD, CPTSD, and… Look! A kitty!