Your ADHD Art

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  • To DOs for ADHD
    To Do
    I try to put my life into words… An empty attempt to organize my thoughts and daily Todos.
    This is that

    Michelle A Passey

  • Pen doodle in watercolor tray
    Pen doodle in a watercolor tray
    I made this at school because bored, mild vandalism. It symbolizes the overwhelming responsibilities of life clouding around me while I’m tranquil.


  • Embrace your gifts!!
    I have lived with ADHD my whole life. It has presented some challenges, but I made it through. Love and embrace the gifts that ADHD has given you!!
  • Looking Up
    Looking up
    This is an acrylic painting of mine. Painting is something I discovered as an adult. I never knew I could do it. Its the greatest escape I know of.


  • My escaping thoughts
    My Escaping thoughts
    I made this collage trying to represent how I always feel like my thoughts are escaping of my head, also feeling súper héroe with my diagnosis.

    Evelyn Cohen

  • dancing thru adhd
    Dancing through ADHD
    This photo is about persistence, strength and becoming confidant with myself, regardless of any obstacles I have with ADHD.

    Gianna @gia5678_dancer

  • adhd awareness brain
    The Struggle is Real
    I created this awareness logo in an attempt to showcase a little bit of what having ADHD feels like.


  • Beauty of the Deep
    Hi painting and drawing are the things that I love to do and I express myself through art. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 5 years and 7 mos.

    Ram Antonio Rubinos

  • One of my many ADHD super powers
    My adhd gives me spiderman powers.😊🕸

    JPs super powers

  • ADHD is a gift!!
    It took a while to understand that my adhd was a gift. We have great qualities like creativity & enthusiasm. ADHD is a gift that makes us special.


  • ADHTree
    My trees grew out of high school boredom and blossomed into art, one tiny dot at a time. Harnessing my extra energy, I created something beautiful.

    Beth Prieto

  • Please get to know the difference
    Please get to know the difference between neurological driven behaviour and naughty behaviour.

    Lou Brown

  • Head In The Clouds
    I took this virtual portrait in Second Life and edited it in Photoshop. I wanted to express the brain fog I feel with ADHD. Signed with my Avatar name

    Maddie Diker

  • Flow, Meditate, Find Inner Peace
    This is a form of meditative practice that I and my clients explore in our sessions on well-being


    ADHD and Me
    This photo was a way of displaying ADHD and how my mind works. Made with Lego.

    Petra Leary

  • Beautifully Broken with Painful Purpose

    Tina Y Washington

  • ADHD and other “Gifts”
    This is a relief carving out of Linoleum. Then, I make a limited number of hand printed copies. I am a printmaker and I have ADHD.

    Nadiyah Najah Rodgers

  • Katie’s Kaleidoscope Tinted World
    My image hopefully portrays my ADHD busy brain. This is a reflection of how many thoughts my head is full of and how hard it is to pick one out to concrete one on at a time.


  • Working with what I was given.
    I am a nurse with ADHD. Bed side nursing didn’t work for my brain. I still had a passion to help others so I built this float using PILL BOTTLES. Work with what you were given

    Dawn Mango

  • The human brain “my brain mom”
    This is a picture my 10yr old daughter drew over the weekend. She handed it to me and said “Mom, this is how my brain works”! She has an absolutely beautiful mind!


  • ADHD Is my StrengthThroughout my life I have viewed ADHD as my strength in life. So I got the awareness ribbon on my bicep to symbolize that.

    Zak Zippert

  • A glimpse inside
    Ive been dealing with ADHD for my entire life. Many people dont understand it or make light of it. This is “A Glimpse inside my mind”. Chaos, frustration & Beauty


  • The experience of ADHD in the classroom
    What the student hears from well-meaning educators and parents, what the student manages internally, all while sitting in math class. ADHD is not a problem of intelligence.

    Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP

  • Hyper-Focus
    This snapshot was taken at my client’s office. Just when he went to washroom, i found myself bored. While looking around I observed this & I grabbed the opportunity to click

    Mp Mitra

  • ADHD Is my Strength
    Developed for my Facebook page – An empath living with ADD, OCD, CPTSD, and… Look! A kitty!