Parenting ADHD

I am the mom who sees her child off to school each morning praying he will have a good day
I am the mom who walks into work with a smile on my face to hide the pain and fear
I am the mom who reluctantly answers the phone when I see the school calling
I am the mom who fights back tears on my way to pick him up because he is in trouble yet again
I am the mom who acts as though I am so highly disappointed in his behavior in front of the school staff yet all I want to do his hold him and make his sadness and pain disappear
I am the mom listens to others tell me it’s a discipline issue, he will grow out of it, he’s just a boy while invisibly rolling my eyes into the back of my head….because they have no idea what they are talking about
I am the mom who walks into school and signs another behavior slip like it’s just another day
I am the mom who spends her school pick time rummaging through the lost and found because he forgot his jacket on the playground…..again
I am the mom who has to leave work abruptly because “he can’t stay here today”
I am the mom who spends hours in school conferences with teachers, counselors and administrators
I am the mom who gets home and cuddles up with him on the couch
I am the mom who holds him when he is having a bad day
I am the mom who wonders what is going on in that little head of his
I am the mom whose heart is pained by what he goes through on a daily basis
I am the mom who lays down with him at night and tells him what a good boy he is and how perfect and loved he is
I am the mom who watches him sleep so calm and sweet and wishes his days could be equally as peaceful
I am the mom who begs and prays for him to just have a happy, easy, enjoyable life
I am the mom who wakes up and does it all over again….for him…because I know his greatness and I know his heart and I understand him and will love him though it all. He is my baby and I will fight for him until my last breath.