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By Children

Myth busters 2.0: Bad Parenting

I made this video myself using Lego figure to represent a person with ADHD.

By Families

Myth busters 2.0: ADHD

We made this video ourselves, on an iPad, using special effects to make it cool.
Physical fitness helps my ADHD
Physical fitness helps me cope ADHD Coaching Healthy Body Healthy Mind strategies behavior goals

By Adults

The Journey of a Mind

A frame-by-frame animation project that tells of the struggles and challenges faced as a university student with ADHD.

I'm getting ready to move. I have ADHD.

I'm told I have a unique packing style. ADHD isn't always my friend, but it does make me fun to watch.

Be a zebra, not a horse!

Zebras don't compare themselves to horses. Stop wishing you were like the neurotypicals and find YOUR way to success.

ADHD and the Creative Mind

I am showing how creative people with ADHD can be.

ADHD Myths and Tips

I will take you on an in-depth 2 minute overhaul on why denying ADHD makes life hard for those who have the disorder.

A day in the life

of my hyper brain.

By Professionals

Two Myths about ADHD

Jeff Copper, ADHD and attention coach, identifies two common myths about people with ADHD and how to dispel them.

How to Give Directions to Your Child with ADHD That They Will Actually Follow

Children with ADHD often struggle to follow directions. I offer my Rule of 3 to help for better communication and results.

ADHD and Weight: Almost Magic!

Why intermittent fasting works so well for folks with ADHD for managing eating and weight.

An Invisible Strength

Finding a strength in my ADHD son and realizing the despair that can happen in the classroom

Routines Can Help!

Simple Routine can have an incredible impact on the lives of children and adults with ADHD!

Staying On Task

Learning is found at KORE Academy, where our teachers approach each student with respect, flexibility, and positivity!